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Aspire. Accelerate. Achieve.


ABOUT the Eka Fellowship

It takes a village to raise a child, more so in today’s world where technology is rapidly evolving, education is becoming more specialized, and new job roles are being invented every year. It’s therefore more confusing than ever for young people to plan for their careers and lives.


Achieving success in the new world requires young people to be better aware of their own interests and aptitude. They need greater exposure to emerging education and career options. Confidence, problem solving, teamwork and other life skills play an even bigger role in determining success and in the face of expensive tuition fees, students need to be more financially savvy.


Eka works with its fellows over a long period of time, starting from the end of the 8th standard until they secure their first jobs, to enable all of the above.  The program aims to enable and support our fellows in achieving quantum outcomes in career and life through long term, tailored and holistic support. 


The program is offered free of cost to our fellows, except for transportation costs to our physical workshops and communication costs for virtual interactions.


Through our Eka fellows, we aspire to empower a cadre of young thriving individuals to break through layers of social mobility and life outcomes.


Our approach

Launched and supported by alumni from IIMs, IITs, NITs, and other prestigious institutions, The ​​Eka Fellowship is designed to support young people for a longer period of time and across stages of education, helping them become their best congruent selves.  The key pillars of our approach are: 

  • Long term: We provide consistent support for 7-8 years, from the end of the 8th standard until fellows get their first job 

  • Holistic: We recognize that academic accomplishment is necessary but not sufficient. Navigating today’s world requires other skills too, such as fluent spoken English, general awareness, confidence, the ability to work in teams and structured problem solving. Our program works to instill these skills through activities such as theatre, sports and reading

  • Tailored: Each person has their own destiny, tied to their own interests and aptitude. We work with each fellow to chart a course according to their own aspirations, needs and strengths

  • Diverse: Our fellows are like a mini-India, representing a cross-section of society

  • Networked: In addition to developing lifelong bonds with each other, fellows are given opportunities to develop a life-long network of relevant mentors and subject matter experts

Our curriculum

The program focuses on four components that are consistent throughout the tenure of the fellowship through various tools as shown below: 

Asset 5_4x.png
  • Career clarity: We expose our Fellows early on to practitioners from a diverse set of professions, allowing them to build a granular understanding of what these jobs entail and for each to understand their own interests. Through this exposure, various assessments, and mentorship, we help each Fellow craft his or her own unique education and career path, coaching them through the steps needed to get there

  • Hard skills: We arrange for remedial help on academic work, as needed for each person. We also focus on fluency and confidence in spoken English through our workshops

  • Life skills: With the world evolving at an ever-faster pace, it is more crucial than ever for young people to have the skills and confidence needed to navigate change and uncertainty. We use tools such as theatre, sport, and entrepreneurship to help our fellows build the broader set of skills they need to succeed in life

  • Financial resilience: While the Eka Fellowship is not a scholarship program, we work hard to ensure that our fellows are not hindered by access to finance. This includes dedicated support and information to help them access scholarships and secure resources, including coaching on financial literacy

How we engage with our Fellows

Our Fellows are invited to a compulsory week-long Summer Camp each year. In addition, they are required to physically attend a day-long workshop each month, and virtual sessions each week.


We check in with each Fellow and their parents every 3 months to explore new ideas for career acceleration and provide individual coaching.

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