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Suraj Moraje

A gold medallist from NIT Surat and Young Achiever awardee from IIM Ahmadabad, Suraj has spent 25 years in the corporate sector as the former Managing Director of Quess Corp and Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and two sons, and is a passionate photographer, gardener, and vinyl collector in his spare time.


Deepika Sharma Moraje

A double psychology graduate from Bombay University and Cambridge University, Deepika is a life coach, counsellor and yoga instructor having previously worked at the African Leadership Academy, Ikageng, and Virlanie Foundation. She is committed to helping her clients live more purposeful and balanced lives.


Veeran Singh

A graduate in Psychology from Delhi University and a Gandhi Fellow, Veeran previously worked at Goonj and co-founded the upSchool Project. Veeran works at the intersection of psychology, leadership and understanding communities for holistic support and change.

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