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How we select Fellows


The Eka Fellowship is designed to support children who demonstrate spark, grit and resilience but may have not had the opportunity or support system to sculpt their aspiration. This includes those who show spark but do not have the necessary ecosystem or support but if given a chance would champion under a program like this. 


We are looking to build a diverse cohort, not just demographically `but also in interests. Therefore, while we welcome several academically-oriented Fellows, we are also searching for those who have demonstrated other unique passions – for example arts, sports, and community-based leadership. 


We understand that many young people have not had the opportunities and support to build well-developed ‘profiles’, and that many such children with spark are shy and go unnoticed. We are therefore not looking for participants who have already bloomed. We are seeking students who would be enthusiastic to co-design a journey with us to enable them to leapfrog life and career outcomes. 

We are now open for nominations for our inaugural cohort, launching in April 2023. This cohort will consist of Bengaluru-based students who are completing their 8th standard, either at a government school or a low-cost private school.

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